Grow a little seed or two

20190329 (4)

It’s been a week since I sowed the first of my vegetable seeds.  You can see what I sowed here on 24th February.

3rd March

It makes a pleasant start to my morning to go and check what’s been happening – sadly not a lot of action in the first week, except for the gardener as the compost required daily spraying with water due to the unseasonally warm weather at the end of February.

20190308 Kelvedon Wonder Dwarf Pea shoots

7th March, pea shoots are beginning to peep above the compost – no surprise there.

Also the Lollo Rossa lettuce is showing signs of growth.

20190308 Lollo Rossa Lettuce seedlings

9th March, I sowed some rocket seeds, which I placed in an unheated propagator, in the mini-greenhouse, inside the big greenhouse.  The weather has turned cold and windy with no sign of warmer weather for a while.  We had snow on the 10th but it didn’t last..

12th March, the lettuce has increased in number and size, leeks are starting to show, as are tomato Ildi.

20190312 (9)

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17th March

Nearly everything has put on a spurt of growth, despite the wet and windy weather over the last week, the night-time temperatures have remained relatively warm.

The rocket has really taken off in just five days.

20190317 (1)

Lollo Rossa still doing well, and a few more leeks have appeared

20190317 (2)

20190317 (3)

Both coriander and flat-leaved parsley have decided to get a move on.  They’ve just has a good watering here.

20190317 (4)

Pea shoots are growing well too.

20190317 (5)

20 March

A warm sunny day – time to sow more seeds.  I’m in danger of sowing too many things, so although I filled an 84-cell seed module tray with compost, I’ve not filled every row – yet.

20190320 Seed Tray 2 (1)

The greyed-out cells are either empty of compost or waiting form more seeds later this month, or early next.

20190320 Seed Tray 2


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