Six on Saturday: 6 April 2019

I’ve not posted here for the last few weeks, mainly because I’ve changed over to a new blog and wanted to make sure everything was working.  So goodbye to My Tiny Vegetable Garden Experiment and hello to My Tiny Welsh Garden. 

All posts from the previous blog site have been imported into this one, but not my followers, so if you’d like to keep up to date with my garden ramblings, there’s a FOLLOW button on here somewhere.

So here are my six to share for The Propagator’s challenge – six things (garden related) on a Saturday.  Check out the other contributions, which are probably all far more interesting than mine.

20190405 (9)

1 & 2 – Clematis Montana – planted last year in the shady border – designed to flower before my neighbour’s trees shade them from the sun.  Pink (above) and white (below), both showing lots of buds and slowly creeping up the wires on the fence.

20190405 (16)

3.  One of four peonies planted in the shady border – could be dark pink, pale pink or dark/pale mix – these were the leftovers from splitting plants in the front garden five years ago. I just dumped them into a large pot and put them out of sight behind the garage and ignored them.

20190405 (10)

4.  Pink Japanese (or Chinese) anemone – a piece dug up from my front border last year.  The colours of the leaves are gorgeous, though the photo doesn’t do them justice.

20190405 (12)

5.  The first signs of life from one of two white Japanese (or Chinese) anemones bought last year – hopefully more than one flower on each this year please.

20190405 (11)

6.  An unwanted visitor.  This fieldmouse thought it had found the perfect spot to overwinter.  It gnawed through a plastic lid on a 2 litre plastic bottle (standing upright) I had used to store sunflower seeds for the bird feeders.  The bottle was full, and standing upright.  Now it is half-empty and the mouse can no longer reach to climb out.  I suspect that even if it could reach, it would have to enlarge the hole – and I don’t want it loose in my potting shed just as all my seedlings are sprouting.

20190405 (7)

The plan, therefore, is to take the mouse (still in the bottle) about half-a-mile along a country lane and place the bottle on its side beneath an overgrown hedge.  This will give the mouse shelter and a source of food until it finally ventures out of the bottle and escapes into the wild.  After a suitable amount of time has elapsed (i.e. while I can still remember where I placed the bottle) I will go back and remove it for recycling – minus the mouse.

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