The Potato Diaries


The the start of March, I spent a happy forty minutes discussing vegetable planting plans with my hairdresser; talk turned to potatoes and how (and where) to plant them.

She has two long narrow borders with a fence at the back and lawn in front – and she wants to grow potatoes.  What’s the best way to grow them? she asked.   In a bucket I replied. So we’ve compromised – she’s going to grow tomatoes in the borders and potatoes in buckets or bags.

I promised her some of my seed potatoes (with instructions) so spent the first Saturday morning of this month labelling them all.  When I say ‘label’ – I took a black permanent marker and drew an arrow to show which way she should plant them, together with an identifying initial.

12th March

Swift have put on more growth

20190312 (3)  20190312 (4)

While Nicola – bought a month later – are looking a bit worse for wear and starting to dehydrate, though there are a few good shoots.

20190312 (5)  20190312 (6)

Desiree are still in their bag and showing no signs of growth yet, but they are maincrop potatoes.

17th March

20190317 (8)
20190317 (9)

24th March

Swift again.   The recommendation for my area of Wales (Zone 4) is to plant in the second week of April – so we’ve a while to go yet.

20190324 (4)20190324 (5)

5th April

Desiree have started sprouting and I’ve given away the first potato ‘package’ to my brother – four each of Swift and Desiree,  and two Nicola (which I’m not convinced will do anything, but am willing to risk a couple of pots of compost to be proved wrong).