20190203 Ginger Plant (2)
Ginger Plant

Like many gardeners, I like the idea of getting something for nothing – or at least for very little cost.

September 2018

I bought a pack of organic ginger from the supermarket for 99p.  Two pieces shrivelled up beyond beyond rescue; one hasn’t produced any buds, but the remaining pieces grew at least one bud, with the largest producing two.  I cut that piece in half.

I placed the pieces in a shallow seed tray, covered with fine compost and suspended the tray over a container so the bottom isn’t resting in water.

March 2019

Nothing much had happened over winter, so with the hope of warmer days on the way, I moved the ginger into the greenhouse in the hope that might trigger more growth.  It worked!  Sort of.

20190329 (52)

I’ve now placed all the corms in separate pots and brought them back inside, but in the conservatory where they will receive more heat/light during the day at least.

I’ve read various articles and websites about growing ginger, but they contradict each other.  Some say to lay the root horizontally on the surface, others to cover with an inch of compost.  Some say keep moist, others that the roots don’t like to sit in water.  Yet another said they prefer humidity and to cover with plastic bags.

They all say that it will take quite some time before the plants root and begin to grow.  If they don’t rot or dry out, then I could, potentially, have fresh ginger in ten months!

Watch this space!

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