Six on Saturday: 13th April 2019

20190408 (7)

  1. Courgettes di Nizza potted up into 3 inch pots, and almost doubled in size.

20190408 (12)

2.  Dwarf peaS Kelvedon Wonder haVE been sending up shoots for a few weeks.  This batch have done so well, I don’t know whether to use them for pea shoots (my original intention) or plant them up into larger pots.  It’s too cold to plant them out (minus 1’C this morning).

20190329 (51)

3.  While the one neighbour annoys me with his overgrown trees, the other side is a mass of forsythia, which I trim each summer on my side.


20190412 (4)

4.  Seedling now out of plugs and into small pots – though I lost a few on the way.

20190412 (3)

5.  Broccoli (top left), Brussels sprouts (bottom left), Spring onions (top right), and I haven’t a clue (bottom right) – could be radish.

20190412 (2)

6.  Carrots – I grew some in a pot last year as my raised beds are still too stony.  Have I sown too many for one pot?  I do like baby veg in salads so I hope not.

Apparently the weather is set to warm up next week – forecast is for 19’C in North East Wales, so maybe I can start sowing outside soon.  To see how everyone else is doing (better than me at least) have a look at The Propagator’s Six on Saturday challenge here.



2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 13th April 2019

  1. We don’t have much space in our garden but the idea of growing peas just for the shoots appeals to me. They tend to serve them as garnish these days when we eat out and they have all the delicious flavour of peas. You’re going to have a bounty of veg to look forward to.

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