In 2018, I built this temporary herb bed in a sunny position in front of our oil tank.

I made sure the compost was free draining by adding in grit.  The compost sat on a layer of weed-suppressing membrane on top of a layer of bricks.

DSCF002820181229 (3)

Towards the end of the growing season, I also made these temporary beds at the front of the house.

20190117 (6)

Then did nothing with them, so Easter weekend seemed the ideal time to get things moving.

20190117 (7)

I dismantled the herb bed and moved the compost and plants to the sunniest of the front beds – shady in the morning, but full sun mid- to late-afternoon/

20190421 (1)

Not this one – which is the shadiest border

20190421 (3)

But this one.  I transplanted 2 x oregano, 2 x thyme, and 1 x chives.  I have coriander  and parsley growing in the greenhouse.  The rosemary went into a lovely blue ceramic pot on the back patio.

20190421 (4)

As soon as I dug one plant up at the back, I carried straight round to the front and planted it in the same compost it had been growing in.  Hopefully they won’t be too stressed – that’s why I haven’t cut them back yet.  I’ll give them time to get used to their new position first.

20190421 (5)

They had a good watering before lunch and I’ll give them another around 7pm

20190421 (6)

I’ve still got to add more compost to the left-hand side, then place large pebbles and decorative gravel to the top, but with temperatures above 28’C outside, it was impossible for me to do more.

20190421 (2)

And the space by the oil tank?  That’s where my potatoes will grow – in large pots.  I should get at least six of the square pots, just visible on the right-hand side of this photo, in the space – maybe a couple more.  We won’t be ordering oil for six months so I can fill the area.