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In January, I wrote here about plans to remove a raised bed, in deep shade during the summer months, and turn it into a combination of greenhouses/composting area.  I had hoped for the groundwork to be completed by Easter.

It wasn’t; for a number of reasons.  First, the weather leading up to Easter had been cool and wet – not ideal conditions for moving soil.  Second, I’d bought a plastic mini-greenhouse and erected it inside my potting shed/greenhouse, then soon found that I had sown/grown more seedlings than I have room to grow in my limited space – even including pots.

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So now I’m torn.  I still want more/better compost bins, but can achieve that by reducing the length of the raised bed which is approximately 16 feet.

The bed still needs work – everything must come out.  I need to save alpine strawberries, narcissi bulbs, and London Pride, but want to remove everything else, including the bay tree and two dwarf olives.

I think, for now at least, I’ll remove the wall in stages, starting at the right-hand side, enough to put in a new compost bin, then fill that with the soil from the bed, then remove a bit more wall, using the bricks to line the base of the bed.

Once that’s done, I can use it for more pots; then if I do manage to get a plot at the Community Garden, there is always the option to add a home-built greenhouse/cold-frame to fit the space – adding on if I find I need more.

That’s the plan for this month!