20190421 (5)

  1.  I’ve finally got around to moving my herbs from the back patio to the front.  I just need to add a bit more gritty compost and some pebbles and gravel (recycled from the previous herb bed).
  2. This left room by the oil tank for the potato pots, so I’ve planted everything up.  Overnight something nibbled at one of the tubers, so they are now covered with mesh.

20190423 (1)

3.  I bought some vegetable strips, half-price from the garden centre – here are six of the twenty-one runner beans White Emergo that cost  £1.79.

20190425 Runner Beans (2)

4.  I’ll soon need to pot on these courgettes – again!

20190425 Courgettes di Nizzi (5)

5.  My shadiest raised bed – soon to be razed to ground level – the soil to go into my newest (square) compost bin, when I’ve made room for it, and also to boost my front border where I’m going to plant my courgettes.

20190425 (8)

6.  After four days of rain, my chances of planting out these peas (and other veg) are nil.  But my water butts are now overflowing, so that’s good.

20190425 Peas (6)

As I’ve been out all day, I haven’t had a chance to see what my fellow gardeners have posted for this week’s Six on Saturday, but you can see their posts by following this link to The Propagator’s blog (if WordPress isn’t playing up today).