Six on Saturday: 4 May 2019


20190504 (11)

We woke this morning to a heavy frost – the neighbours’ lawns had turned white, and anyone wanting to move their car would have to scrape the windscreen first.  That gave way to sun, then strong winds which threatened to blow the washing off the line and into the next village.  But it hadn’t stopped the white clematis Montana from opening and showing off its first flowers.

20190504 (7)

Nor the allium, which has been threatening to flower for a couple of weeks and decided today was the day.

Meanwhile, matters are getting out of hand in the greenhouse/potting shed.  With the threat of more frost over the long weekend, I daren’t plant anything outside.  Among the boxes, pots and troughs are the 56 beetroot seedlings – now pricked out into individual bio-degradable pots – and 72 chard seedlings (36 in each trough), pricked out this morning.

Meanwhile, my raised beds remain empty of everything bar garlic and climbing beans.

Hopefully there’s more going on in other gardens; have a look at The Propagator’s Blog to see what’s been happening elsewhere.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 4 May 2019

  1. O surely we’ll be done w/frost by June! Everything of yours looks ready to go, if only the weather would let you.

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  2. Lucky you have a greenhouse! I thought the weather was looking up in the UK after last weekend. I like the white cages shown in the corner of one of the photographs. What do you plant in there?

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    1. It really only a pergola covered with polycarbonate 🙂 The white cages currently have spider plants in them (over-run with them in the house), but they don’t like bright sun so they’ll be coming out of the cages which will then be used as hanging baskets with strawberry plants. They are only small, can’t get a pot saucer larger than 6 inches inside.


  3. Luckily we didn’t have a frost but I covered the dahlias with bubble wrap just in case. Those alliums are looking good.

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  4. I’m going to have to get mine out soon as I’m going on holiday the first week in June – and there’s no-one to water my plants. But I do have lots of plastic bottles for cloches, so maybe I’ll risk three runner bean plants and see what happens 🙂

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