20190518 (9)

This Lollo Rossa lettuce looks pretty; though it doesn’t have much flavour, it’s useful for bulking out a salad – and fills gaps in my planting squares.

20190518 (11)

A nasty surprise left by a local cat this morning means I don’t fancy planting vegetables in this square, so I’ve planted the last pot of sweetpeas here instead.

20190518 (6)

Desperately seeking space for the last of my runner bean plants – one has found a home in Raised Bed B, that leaves four.

20190518 (4)

My anti-cat fouling attempts – old roofing battens with the spiky nails still in them, and ‘disco-ball’ style upended hanging baskets.

20190518 (12)

After I took this photo, I used more hanging baskets as covers for these pots to stop birds pecking the foliage.

20190518 (15)

Time to thin my carrots!!  I’ve still got a couple of squares to fill so I’ll put the thinnings in there.  The soil is still quite stony so I’ll be interested to see how they grow – short and dumpy, or forked and slightly rude!

These are my six – head over The Propagator’s Blog to see what he – and everyone else – has been up to.