Six on Saturday: 18 May 2019

20190518 (9)

This Lollo Rossa lettuce looks pretty; though it doesn’t have much flavour, it’s useful for bulking out a salad – and fills gaps in my planting squares.

20190518 (11)

A nasty surprise left by a local cat this morning means I don’t fancy planting vegetables in this square, so I’ve planted the last pot of sweetpeas here instead.

20190518 (6)

Desperately seeking space for the last of my runner bean plants – one has found a home in Raised Bed B, that leaves four.

20190518 (4)

My anti-cat fouling attempts – old roofing battens with the spiky nails still in them, and ‘disco-ball’ style upended hanging baskets.

20190518 (12)

After I took this photo, I used more hanging baskets as covers for these pots to stop birds pecking the foliage.

20190518 (15)

Time to thin my carrots!!  I’ve still got a couple of squares to fill so I’ll put the thinnings in there.  The soil is still quite stony so I’ll be interested to see how they grow – short and dumpy, or forked and slightly rude!

These are my six – head over The Propagator’s Blog to see what he – and everyone else – has been up to.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 18 May 2019

  1. Isn’t it a shame people let their cats ruin other people’s gardens? Mostly my neighbor’s cat uses the front yard (I cleaned it up yesterday, and it eats something that makes it smell terrible!), but I did find twice their poop in one of my un-planted (at the time) vegetable beds. Now I have a big wire trellis over the top, ruining the look. MY cats stay indoors and don’t go across the street to use the facilities!
    I’ve tried sprays and granule repellent, but they don’t work. They’ve even gone on the top of fescue grass clumps when the soil is too wet!


    1. I used to use rose prunings – but I don’t have shrubs or roses now. Plastic mesh might work – if I lay it on top of the soil in each raised bed, I can plant seedlings in the squares – something to consider for next year. Will definitely get bark for the front border.


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