I bought and planted two clematis montana last September as part of my Shady Border renovations.  They established well and put on plenty of new growth. 

20190423 (6)
Pink Perfection

‘Pink Perfection’ – was first to show buds and then to flower.  It has a lovely spicy vanilla scent but the flowers are rather sparse.

20190504 (12)

In comparison, the white ‘Grandiflora’ took longer to flower.  The foliage was more apparent and there were many more flowers, but it has little or no perfume.

Both, then, are good examples of their type and doing as expected considering this is their first year; and are rampaging along the trellis at a fast rate.

I have a clematis macropetala ‘Markham’s Pink’ which has been in position for fifteen years or more; also spring-flowering and shade tolerant, this clematis doesn’t even have buds showing, yet all three are classed as flowering early spring to mid-summer if the conditions are right.

Both varieties fall into pruning group 1 – cut back after flowering when all chance of frost has passed.  This article gives useful information on how hard – and when – to prune.