Six on Saturday: 25 May 2019


The cat-prevention devices appear to be working.  Amazing what you can do with some old trellis laths, CDs and rusty hanging baskets!

20190522 (27)

Something’s been nibbling at my beetroot and spinach seedlings.  I thought it was a mouse – until I noticed blue tits sneaking through the gap in my ‘greenhouse’ and flying around inside.

20190522 (16)

The front border is fit to burst.  Top – the view from the pavement.  Bottom – the view from my drive.

20190522 (18)

Iris are flowering already.  Don’t worry, this isn’t some unknown giant species, but the pavement is at least four feet lower than my border.

20190522 (11)

We’ve been plagued with thieves stealing heating oil around the local villages.  Just a couple of days ago, they targeted a property across the field at the back of our house.  So good luck to them trying to get at OUR oil.

As we had our last delivery in April, we won’t need to have the tank filled until at least October.  If anyone wants our oil, they’ve got to get through this little lot first – 4 pots of runner beans, 8 tubs of potatoes, all tied together and hung with wind-chimes in a variety of tones and degrees of volume.

20190522 (24)

I’ve put more compost into the potato pots, and the runner bean tubs have had a liberal sprinkling of out-of-date salad and cress seeds – just to see if anything comes up!  The runner beans also each have a pot saucer with water-retaining granules at the bottom – in the hope that this will sustain them for the week we are away.

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  1. Your front border is looking good. Glad the cat deterrents are working. Hope the oil thief deterrents work just as well!

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