The Tomato Diaries

24 February 2019
The first few tomato seeds were sown.  I placed two seeds into each cell of a seed module – using two rows of seven cells for each variety.

I might have slightly over estimated how many I need!

The first variety is Yellow Delight, a pear-shaped cherry type tomato.  These were one of the packets of seeds I got free with March’s Kitchen Garden magazine.  I haven’t been able to find a review of them online so am hoping for the best.

The second variety is Ildi, advertised as a heavy-cropping cherry tomato.  Supposedly ready to eat in just fifty-three days seed to fruit with as many as seventy-five fruits per cluster!!!!

20 March 2019
Back in December, I wrote about buying two packs of mystery tomato seeds online.  I sowed some of each today labelled A and B, just one row of each (2 seeds per cell,  7 cells of each with a gap in between rows).

20190320 Seed Tray 2 (4)

The varieties I sowed in February have been slow to germinate, but a few seedlings are coming through.

1st April

20190401 (3).1

These are Yellow Delight seedlings – five are at different stages of germination.  They are just getting their second set of leaves and the minute their roots pop out of the bottom of each cell, I’ll move them into separate pots to grow on.

20190405 (1)

The Ildi seedlings I thought had germinated turned out to be something else already in the compost, so none of them have actually germinated yet.  Today the weather has been sunny, but cool and is forecast to be below average for the time of year for the rest of this week.  Hopefully the mini-greenhouse, inside the potting shed/greenhouse won’t be affected.

6th April
And the weather changed again – warm and sunny, tempting me out into the greenhouse where I sowed more tomato seeds – seven each of Gardener’s Delight and Tumbling Tom.

12 April
I’ve potted on six Yellow Delight, three Unknown Variety A, and one Unknown Variety B, into biodegradable pots.  When they grow a little more, the whole lot can be put into larger pots without disturbing the roots too much.

20190412 (6)   20190412 (7)

Ildi didn’t grow at all.  I have some seeds left and will try again using the larger-sized 4-cell modules, four seeds to each cell should be more than enough.  I’ve still got Gardeners Delight to try too.

26 April

A quick check of the tomatoes shows tiny white roots emerging through the pots, so I’ve potted up three of the Yellow Delight into 5 inch pots.

2 May

20190502 (7)

Along with the remaining 3 x Variety A and the only Variety B!  But I’ve sown more of each.  Can’t wait for them to grow so I can see which is which – a yellow cherry or a red beefsteak.

23 May

20190522 (26)

I was tempted to buy some tomato plants from the garden centre this week, but with a week-long holiday on the horizon, I decided I would have enough to content with nursing these pathetic specimens.

24 May

I put all the tomatoes into large pots filled with grow-bag compost –  and they can sink or swim!

20190525 (2)

Tomatoes left to right:  Pot 1, 2 x Variety A (still unknown); Pot 2, 1 x Variety B and 1 x Yellow Delight; Pot 3, 2 x Yellow Delight.

NB: The seedlings I passed on to my brother are twice the size of mine, because they were in a proper greenhouse and received more direct light; but the labels have all faded so he doesn’t know which are which – until they form fruits!








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