The Potato Diaries

20190120 (5)
20 January 2019 – Swift first earlies

After several very hot days, and with the promise of a shower or two (meaning NO FROST), I have planted up my potatoes in pots – after first removing the temporary herb garden to its permanent home.

23 April 

20190423 (1)

And, yes, I have labelled them.

  1. Swift (brown pot/ 1st early) and Desiree (maincrop)
  2. Desiree and Swift
  3. Nicola (2nd early)
  4. Swift

I’ve used Jack’s Magic all purpose compost – a gift – though I wasn’t aware it is peat-based, so I won’t be buying any more.

And that same night, something started nibbling on one of the tubers!!!!!  So I threw some more compost over and covered the pots with netting held down with wood.

20190522 (25)

25 May

I topped up the compost a few days ago and now they’re romping away!

20190525 (7)

31 May

Swift now have foliage covering their pots, Nicola is doing well, and Desiree is finally showing signs of new shoots.  I’ve just topped up all the pots and removed the netting and wire hanging baskets which were protecting them from birds.  They’ve had a good watering and I’m leaving them to get on with things.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show for all this effort than the sixteen potatoes I managed in 2018.