Six on Saturday: 8 June 2019

20190608 (1)

A week away from home and everything has gone mad! 

All my potatoes have grown after I filled the pots at the end of May.  I can’t squeeze anymore compost in – well maybe an inch or two.

My climbing beans have reached the extent of the string I tied to the arch.  I’ll need to get the stepladder out to extend their supports.

20190608 (3)

The Swiss Chard leaves could be eaten now but I want to try the stems too and they’re not long enough.  It may be that they won’t grow too long while they are in troughs.  I might thin them out and transplant some into the raised beds.

20190608 (5)

I planted my tomatoes outside the week before I went away.  I placed them in a shady part of the garden so they wouldn’t dry out.  These two Yellow Delight plants have doubled in size – in a week.  Now I’m here to water them, I can move them into a sunnier part of the patio – if we get any sun!

20190608 (8)

I planted three courgettes in pots – and four in the front border.  This one is the largest and may need a larger pot fairly soon.

20190608 (9)


And it’s not just the vegetables that have had a growth spurt.  ALL the iris in my front border are flowering and the peony buds are ready to open with the next hot day.

20190608 (14)

There are a whole host of thriving and prolific gardens, along with lots of excellent advice, from everyone who participates in The Propagator’s Six on Saturday ongoing weekly challenge – to share six things, in the garden, on Saturday.  Take a look for yourself.

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