Some jobs for Sunday morning

20190609 (3)

With the runner beans left unsupervised for a week, some of them had already reached the end of their supports on the arch.  Time to get the stepladder and string out, and hope that the forecast rain holds off for a while.

20190609 (6)

The more cheeky ones had decided to share a string with their neighbours, but I soon put a stop to that!

20190609 (15)

Now to sort the other side out.

Last year, I succeeded in growing climbing beans up the arch (Raised Bed A).  This year, after refreshing the soil and adding new compost, I tried again.  After several weeks this is the result . . .

Three puny seedlings – I planted a lot more than that.  They were from last year’s packet, but still in date.  When I dug them up this morning, there was no sign of any other seedlings.  Where the bean seeds eaten by the resident mouse perhaps?

So I’ve started again.  Tipped half a growbag onto the area and planted some Blauhilde climbing bean seeds – 12 in all.  Then covered the remaining compost (right-hand square) with short rows of Little Gem lettuce.  Both packets of seeds were free with a magazine last month.  Then I added some more of mixed climbing bean seeds in the left-hand square, just to see what happens. I’ve covered the area with plastic mesh to keep the birds and cats away.

20190609 (7)

As the sun was out this morning, I moved all my troughs to the sunniest area – the step between the upper and lower patios.

20190609 (10)

I sorted out the sweet peas which had grown into a tangle, helped by the wind coming through the trellis.

20190609 (11)  20190609 (12)

Potted up some sedum plantlets – bits which ‘feel off into my hand’ at the garden centre.

20190609 (14)

And tidied the shady border.  I cut back some of next door’s overhanging branches, trained unruly clematis stems along vine wires – the white Montana Grandifolia is still flowering – and loosely tied the peony stems into a tighter bunch.

20190609 (13)

The final job of the morning was to empty the wall fountain, mainly to get rid of next-door’s Laburnum blossoms which have covered my patio in brown sludge and filled the water reservoir.

20190522 (7)

But now it’s all clean again, and the pump still works, so that’s good.

And then rain stopped play!



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