Six on Saturday: 15 June 2019

20190614 (24)

20190614 (25)

The first peony of the year.

20190614 (27)

The last Iris – it was a short season for them this year.

20190614 (7)

The gardener’s friend – a black headed (?) worm in one of my raised beds.  They can’t half move when they want to.

20190614 (15)

One of last years houseleeks – about to go out in a blaze of glory

20190614 (23)

I forget about this little gem, it’s usually hidden by lavender but I spotted it as I was getting into the car – but is it a saxifrage or a sedum?  Or something else entirely?  It has rosettes similar to – but smaller than – those of London Pride, which is a saxifrage.

Whatever it is, I’ll be moving some of it into my new Sedum Bed – just as soon as the rain stops long enough for me to build it!  I was hopeful when I got up, but it’s raining again – just not as heavily as previously.

Later, I think I’ll spend some time in the greenhouse sowing lettuce seeds.  The Little Gem seeds I sowed outdoors last Sunday have probably washed away.

If it’s raining where you are, make yourself a tea or coffee and take a look at The Propagator’s Blog to see how our fellow gardeners have been coping with weather conditions in their part of the world.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 15 June 2019

    1. I just leave my peonies to get on with things themselves. They are planted in a raised bed – 2 feet high on my side of the wall, over 4 feet high from the public footpath. They receive no sun until after midday as the bed faces south-west(ish). They are packed in with other plants and I never feed them as I suspect they get enough nutrients when my neighbour’s trees shed their leaves in autumn and they cover my property. I believe they should be dug up and divided after five years – mine have been divided once in 25 years!! I water them only when the leaves start to curl. Living in North Wales, they are never short of water, but they don’t sit in it either. What is your climate/garden conditions? I’m assuming – as you mention Spring – that you are southern hemisphere?

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    2. Thanks for all the I formation on the peonies. I will do some investigation to find out whether they will grow in this climate. I live in Queensland Australia in the Sunshine Coast region, about 100 km North of Brisbane. The climate is sub tropical but as we are inland from the coast (about 35km) and on a range of mountains, our weather is slightly cooler and we get more rain than the coastal region does. My only problem is the shallow layer of soil on clay, but I’m adding gypsum and a lot of humus and raising bed to try and overcome the problem. I purchase a lot of my plants online, mainly from Victoria which has a climate which is more suited to growing peonies. We are moving in winter now.


    1. I hope the rain wasn’t too bad for you. Lost of flooding locally as we have two river valleys close by. Thanks for liking the peonies. I have no idea which varieties the dark pink peonies are as they came from my mum’s garden after she passed away in 1995, and she’d had them for at least twenty years by then. I’m sure it’s just a basic variety. I bought the pale pink ones that will flower soon, but again, the label disappeared years ago – Sarah Bernhardt comes to mind.


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