An Experiment Works

Towards the end of May, rushing to get everything planted before I took a holiday, I wrote that I’d used plastic drinking straws to sow seeds – placing short pieces of the straws in the ground and dropping one seed in each – as a way of preventing cats fouling what would have appeared as bare earth.

I tried it with leeks and parsley – and two weeks later, this is the parsley.  You can see how effective it is in the lower right quarter of this image.

20190614 (11)

I didn’t always manager to get the seed INSIDE the drinking straw, and there appears to be a courgette growing in the middle of this section – not planted by me.

20190614 (12)

But I count this as a success.  Not every seed germinated, but that would have happened straws or no straws.  And I can re-use the straws I removed from this bed elsewhere.

I hope the leeks will do just as well!




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