Weekend Workout

I’ve pulled up all my radishes – but not to eat.  A separate post which follows will explain why.  I have replaced them with a different variety which, hopefully, will produce the small and tender roots that I love.  To protect them, I’ve used this old supermarket basket.

20190615 (1).JPG

I’ve already harvested some chard leaves and spinach.  Online guidance says to pick chard when stems are around two inches long.  Mine only just met that criteria.  I’m currently growing it in troughs, though I could transplant some into a raised bed.  I’ve moved it onto the patio step where, should the sun ever shine for more than a couple of minutes, it will reap the benefit.

20190615 (2)

While away on holiday, anything I hadn’t time or room to plant out was placed on a gravel tray.  Thankfully they survived so I’ve potted on some Brussels Sprouts and tomatoes – mystery varieties labelled A and B as I still don’t know which is which until they fruit.

20190615 (4)

I’ve also sown Little Gem lettuce into a seed tray, sown cress seeds, and put some more spinach seeds into some three inch pots – 5 seeds per pot.  All from packets of seeds I got free with a gardening magazine.

Then I had a look at the garlic I planted last September.

Some of the stems had already fallen and the top of a bulb was visible in one case.  Hoping it was the top of a very large ‘iceberg’, I decided to dig one up.  I got two.

If smell was a guarantee of size, these should be huge, but they’re not.  These were the ones I planted directly into the front of Raised Bed A.  I’ve replanted them into a pot in the hope they might fatten up a bit more.

The garlic in Raised Bed B was started off in pots outside and planted into the bed in Spring.  I’ll give them a few more weeks before I check again.




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