Weekend Workout

20190622 (2)

This is the first time I’ve grown garlic.  I bought three organic bulbs from the supermarket last September, split them, and planted them – some in pots, some in a raised bed.  In spring, I transplanted the pots into the other raised bed. 

Last Friday, Monty Don (BBC 2’s Gardener’s World), dug his garlic up.  On Saturday, a lovely hot and sunny day, I did the same.  In comparison to Monty’s, they’re not too bad.  I don’t think another few weeks in the ground would have made any difference to their size – not when they’ve been growing for nearly 10 months!

They are pretty pungent, so a little will go a long way! But they have to dry out for a few days, so maybe the smell will reduce.

We had so much rain over the last couple of weeks that I hadn’t looked at my vegetables, but here are some Boogie dwarf peas.

20190622 (3)

The previous weekend, I moved my tomatoes from the shady patio onto the sunny top patio in the hope it will improve their growth.  I planted some spinach around the edges of each pot and this will be ready to pick soon.

20190622 (4)

The potatoes are still doing well.  They had lots of sun on Saturday.  This photo was taken around 9:30 am, the shadow is from my potting shed.

20190622 (5)

The Little Gem lettuce are already sprouting after just 5 days.

20190622 (6)

And I’ve transplanted the mixed Swiss Chard from troughs into the front of both raised beds.  This is where the garlic was.  I added extra compost and covered both beds with fleece to protect them from the sun.

20190622 (10)

The square behind the chard contains beetroot seedlings.  They’ve been in this raised bed since the third week in May.  After all the rain, I was expecting to see more than a few small leaves.  I swear they look smaller now than before they went into this bed.

I also learned a new thing today.  I did take a photo but it was blurred.

I didn’t know that broad bean pods stand up, as opposed to runner bean pod which hang down!


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