Six on Saturday: 29 June 2019

Though the British weather can’t seem to make its mind up, our gardens carry on regardless.

A friend gave me some sweet pea seedlings in April.  I put some in pots on the shady patio but with their heads against the trellis between us and our neighbours so they’d have some sun.

The final couple of plants went into a spare square in my sunny raised bed (because that’s were the cats had left a ‘present’ and I didn’t fancy planting vegetables there).  This, along with some creamy white flowers, is the result of that final planting.

20190629 (7)

Our garden has taken a battering with heavy rain over the last couple of weeks.  On Tuesday last, almost all my peonies were so weighed down with water that they were almost horizontal.  The deep pink ones are almost over but this one – which I think may be Sarah Bernhardt – is just coming into full flower.  I had to do an emergency staking exercise on Thursday before the stems snapped.

20190629 (16)

This is one of the last dark pink peonies.  I may have two different types of the same colour as this one is more open and accessible to insects while others have a lot more petals in the centre.

20190629 (17)

Lovely though this campanula is, I think I’ll need to clear some away come autumn.

20190629 (10)

This was a honeysuckle cutting we brought back from France.  The flowers are quite small and dainty, but it has a strong scent on warm still evenings

20190629 (39)

The Mexican pheasant grass is doing well after its spring haircut.

20190629 (23)

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 29 June 2019

    1. I would say very hardy. I’ve had it planted in the front border for at least five years. I’ve had some in a large pot for longer. Once I cut the peonies, iris and astilbes down in autumn, it’s the only thing left standing, so no shelter during bad winters.

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