Six on Saturday: 6 July 2019

20190702 (2)

This week I thought I’d show you a general view of the sunny patio, which includes Raised Beds A (left) and B (right), the bean arch, my potting shed/greenhouse with the tomatoes in front, and the scenic view from my study window of my neighbour’s field and overgrown chicken run (no chickens).

20190702 (1)

I’v got runner beans on the right and my second attempt at climbing beans on the right.  The weird object in the centre is our pizza oven topped with a hanging basket covered with old CDs – this seems to deter cats!

20190702 (4)

Raised bed B – a combination of beans, broccoli, carrots (in a pot), peas, chard and beetroot.  The beetroot is not doing at all well, or so I assume, as the foliage is very sparse.

20190702 (5)

Raised Bed A – broad beans at the back, sweet peas in front of the water butt, a second sowing of radish under the upturned supermarket basket (I need more of these!!).  Chard along the front, more beetroot (still pathetic), salads (Lollo Rossa and Little Gem)

20190702 (9)

Seven pots of potatoes – Swift, Nicola & Desiree, with more runner beans to the left – these fill the space in front of the oil tank.

These are the lavender cuttings I took at the start of the year.  They weren’t getting enough sun so I hope they like their new home and start to bulk up.

20190702 (3)

Between taking these photographs and posting them, we’ve had several days of sunny weather and high temperatures.  Today we are back to normal weather – dull and wet.  Good for the garden, but not so good for the local Carnival being held in the next-but-one village.

The only work going on in my garden today is cutting a few sweet peas for the conservatory, and later, some salad leaves and herbs for our evening meal – baked Camembert with vegetable sticks, new potatoes, salad and garlic bread.  Sadly, none of the vegetables or potatoes are from my garden as everything seems to be holding back.

I’m going to cheer myself up by checking out The Propagator’s Blog.


4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 6 July 2019

  1. Well everything looks very interesting in your garden patch…….I especially like that trellis planter shown in the last photo and your evening meal sounds really good!

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