Six on Saturday: 13 July 2019

20190704 (911)

My peonies are almost over, just the odd bud or two which probably won’t come to anything.  So this is a reminder just how pretty they were in full bloom.

20190710 (5)

A gift of sweet pea seedling back in April from friends have come into their own and I’ve enjoyed small vases of them in the conservatory for the last three weeks.  They may not last long but they make their presence known.

20190711 (10)

It’s such a pity that these original sempervivums from last year will die after flowering.  Weird plants, but pretty flowers.

#20190710 (8)

Some alpine strawberries in my Very Shady Border – small and tasty fruits, but never enough.

20190710 (7)

My Bay tree.  I’ve gradually been cutting it down as I’m removing it from the Very Shady Border to make room for compost bins and . . . I haven’t decided what else yet.

20190713 (12)

And after a sustained effort this morning, I have filled the remaining space in my old (round) compost bin, AND a black plastic dustbin (out of site) to make room for my new (square) compost bin.  FINALLY.

So there are my Six on Saturday for this week.  More (and much prettier) posts are available to view on The Propagator’s blog.  Have a break and take a look.

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 13 July 2019

  1. Beautiful peonies and sweet peas. We have one compost bin but wish could find room for another as the one fills up quickly. I didn’t realise either about sempervivums. I have one flowering at the moment that looks the same. 😊

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Has your sempervivum got ‘babies’ ? They will keep growing even when the parent eventually dies, provided they are in contact with soil as they will root. I’ve only had one compost bin for ages, but as you say – it fills up quickly and then takes ages to turn into compost, so by having three, I can ‘turn’ them from one to another.

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    2. Yes, I’ve just had a look and there are some babies so I will try looking after them. Thanks for the tip. I also like you compost idea so will try to find room for a second bin. Thank you 😊

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