Project: Raised Bed Refurbishment

This was my Very Shady Border back in late April.  A mess of overgrown foliage, dead plants in pots, and rubbish.

20190425 (6)

20190425 (8)  20190425 (9)

I had big ideas for this border – which involved knocking the wall down.

I made a start on 2 July, and was rained off.

20190702 (15)

This weekend, with the prospect no more than a couple of light showers, I was determined to get on with the job – and promptly took a lump hammer to the top layer of bricks.

20190713 (2)

Though they resisted my efforts to start with, eventually they loosened (it helped that my husband gave me a hand).

20190713 (4)

Eventually, I’d cleared a space large enough for the new compost bin (700mm x700mm)

20190713 (1)  20190713 (3)

And accumulated this stack of bricks!

We’ve never had much luck with flat-packs, but this compost bin went together quite quickly and easily (once we’d worked out which was the top).

20190713 (7)

20190713 (8)

20190713 (9)

Ten minutes later (we wasted five minutes trying to get those two orange catches the right way round).

20190713 (10)

The old – and the new.

20190713 (11)

And it fits the space perfectly.  It has slightly less volume perhaps,

20190713 (12)

but I plan on buying at least two more of these square bins.

20190713 (13)

Because this shady border has had aquilegia growing in it for many years, I don’t want to put the soil straight onto my raised beds as there will probably be viable seeds within the soil.

My plan is to dig out the next section and put the soil in the new compost bin, mixing it with the part-made compost from the round compost bin.  When I have a gap wide enough for another square bin, I’ll order one.  Then the round bin is empty, I’ll replace it with a square one.

20190713 (14)

If I can get at least half of the wall down and the soil into compost bins this year, I’ll be happy.  If I can manage all of it, and get rid of the bricks, I’ll be ecstatic!



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