Six on Saturday: 20 July 2019

It looks as though rain has set in for the morning, but I managed to capture some images from my garden before it started.


20190720 (4)

My first runner beans – and the only ones I could find.  There are a couple of tiny ones, so the rain is welcome if it helps these grow faster.


20190720 (3)

I’ve emptied one of my large pots of Swift potatoes, freeing up a large pot for one of my three remaining tomato plants from the greenhouse.  This is unidentified variety A – now sitting next to the three tubs of tomatoes I planted up at the end of May, and which I’ve yet to remove any side shoots.  I grew spinach around the edges of these three pots – which worked well.


20190720 (5)

The sweetpeas are still going strong despite the torrential rain yesterday.  If the rain eases later I’ll be out to pick these.


20190720 (9)

Over in the Shady Border, another clematis (which may be a macropetala or an alpina – possibly ‘Markham’s Pink’).


20190720 (10)

An unknown sedum ‘cutting’ – it ‘fell off’ a plant in the garden centre.  Any help with possibly identification?



Wednesday was flying ant day.  I hate to think what the ground beneath my patio looks like between ants and moles.

So that’s my sorry effort for this week.  I’m going to make a coffee, sneak a home-made honey and oatmeal biscuit and cast envious glances at the other Sixes on The Propagator’s Blog.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 20 July 2019

  1. Your sweetpeas look a lot healthier than mine. I hate flying ants! Luckily we don’t get them in the house though my poor mother-in-law does.

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  2. Flying ants invade our house every July! They are a darn nuisance and we have yet to work out where they come in from. The sedum looks like mine (though there are a lot that look similar), Dragon blood. You’ll have more idea when it flowers.

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