The Potato Diaries

20190608 (1)

8th June

After a week’s holiday, I came back to this – every pot is overflowing with foliage.  I wonder if there is some way I can extend the height of each pot so that I can add more compost?

What I need are more black pots of the same size and to cut the bottoms out.  Then I can place them on top of the existing ones and continue to ‘earth up’ the potatoes.  But I’ve forgotten where I bought the originals!  It might have been Home Bargains.  Any excuse for a visit!!

14 June 

It’s been too wet to do anything outside, so the potatoes have been left to get on with it. Can you see the difference in a week?

20190614 (2)

A little taller I think.  And the pots containing Swift are a little fuller.  A few days of sun to dry out the compost and I might risk putting a hand in to see what’s been happening.

I planted them out on 23 April and Swift could, they say, be harvested between ten and twelve weeks later, which technically means another three to five weeks – so mid-July onwards for me.

2nd July

20190702 (9)

Desiree have started flowering.  Everything has grown at least another foot in two weeks.  Hopefully it won’t be long before I harvest my first pot of Swift first earlies.

17th July


A few Swift taken out of the pot.  I’m going to take just enough for a meal for two and leave the remaining potatoes in the pot – which I’ve put inside the greenhouse so the compost dries out.

20th July

20190720 (2)

The last of the potatoes from the first pot.  I’m going to leave the other pots for now as there were plenty of tiny potatoes in this one that could have grown a little more.  Another week perhaps.