Community Garden Project

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I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for the last six months, but now – hopefully – there is the opportunity for me to rent a raised bed in a new  Community Garden in the next-but-one village.

It’s been a long time coming, and is a small part of much larger plans to change a redundant gravel pit into a Roman and Iron-Age Heritage Park called Park in the Past.  A project which has been more than ten years in the planning.

The land is literally sand and gravel.  Well-draining – but prone to flooding due to the former gravel extraction.  In the last two weeks, the committee and volunteers have built an initial ten raised beds using one layer of scaffolding planks.

Each bed, according to their Facebook posts, is 16 feet by 4 feet and will be available for £60 per year.

Does this sound a reasonable amount to pay for a bed of this size?

Last week they had 40 tonnes of top soil delivered and asked for volunteers to help move it into the beds.  That work has been re-scheduled.

However there is an Open Evening shortly for people to sign on as members and book a bed, and I’ll be first through the gate.

I would be looking to use my raised for crops that take a long time to mature.  Squashes, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, garlic etc,  and those that require plenty of space.  Vegetables that don’t have to be eaten immediately and could be harvested once or twice a week (as the plot is two miles from home).

This would leave my own raised beds available for salads, beans and tomatoes – and other things you need to pick and eat as you need them.

I’m hoping there is scope to increase the height of the bed if required.  The aim is to make the garden available to all, including wheelchair users, so two scaffold-board height would be better.

Watch this space!






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