Community Garden Update

It’s official.  As of 6:30 pm on Thursday 25 July 2019, I became the proud ‘owner’ of a raised bed at the Homegrown Community Gardening Project.

Inked20190725 (2)_LI

(The numbers are on the images – NOT on the raised beds)

Inked20190725 (1)_LI

I am Number 8

20190725 (3)

And we had a little ceremony for me to officially claim ‘my bed’, which I had to mark so I would remember! It was extremely hot out there.  The stones retain and reflect the heat – which could be a good thing.  Maybe.

20190725 (4)

Now I just need to weed the bottom, put down some membrane or cardboard, and start filling – we’ll have to take our own wheelbarrow, shovel, hoe and rake; and we’ll be expected to help fill other beds too.

Ten of the beds are complete and ready to be filled with top-soil (20 tonnes delivered to site last week and a further 20 tonnes due soon).  Number 10 is at the top of the row in this image.  The white building visible in the distance is currently the only source of water.

20190725 (5)

Seven out of the ten completed beds have been taken.  The beds in the image below are just being built, another ten, with scope for others at right angles between these two rows.

20190725 (6)

Each bed is approximately 16 feet by 4 feet and cost £60 a year.  We will be expected to help with weeding and other jobs, including building a wooden fence from birch and willow saplings available around the site – with the added benefit that the larger site is gradually cleared of hundreds of self-seeded trees.




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