Six on Saturday: 27 July 2019

This is the first year I’ve grown broccoli and, as with anything new, I checked with the experts.  This is what the Gardeners’ World website has to say on the matter.

“Purple-sprouting broccoli is extremely hardy, tolerating temperatures as low as -12°C. Sow in March to harvest in early winter, or from April to mid-June for harvesting from January to May.”

It’s July and one of mine has already produced a floret.  It does go on to say that harvesting the main stem before the flowers fully open will help the plant to produce side shoots.  I think this has a little way to go yet, but I’m keeping watch.

20190726 (1)

Despite NOT planting any squashes, cucumbers or courgettes in my raised beds, these two squash-type plants have appeared.  I suspect they may be some of the butternut squash seeds I tried to grow earlier this year.

They did nothing – apart from take up space in the greenhouse.  I emptied the compost onto my raised beds and decided I wasn’t going to try again.  These two obviously had different ideas and have been lurking in the soil only to pop-up where least expected.

Unless they are giant beetroots!

20190726 (2)

20190726 (3)

Breakfast radish – supposed to be a milder flavour that usual.  Not that I’d know!  Of the few that have fattened out to a reasonable size, something else has already had a nibble.  Who said growing radish and beetroot is child’s play?  Maybe they’ll do better on my new raised bed at the Community Garden, when it’s up and running!

20190726 (4)


We were hoping to enter into diplomatic talks with our neighbour over this tree.  We couldn’t get an answer when we knocked but then his mother-in-law who promised to ask him to call round so we could arrange a day/time when we could give him a hand.

20190723 (3)

The situation was desperate as high winds last Monday morning meant we could see the top branches were touching our telephone line; not only ours but several others – INCLUDING HIS OWN.

Inked20190722 (1)_LI  20190722 (3)

But we woke up this morning to this – and we hadn’t heard a thing.

20199727 (2)

We’re still not happy with it.  Ideally we’d like it cutting down to no more than the height of his wall.

One thing I am happy with is that my runner beans have started fruiting (beaning?).  I’ve been checking the plants everyday and didn’t notice a thing.  Now I’ve got to get the small step-ladder out to reach them.

Rain this morning.  Some welcome relief from the heat of the past few days, and I’d scattered chicken poo pellets around the garden yesterday, so good timing.  The sweet peas have continued to flower and I’ve picked vase after vase of them for the conservatory.  These all seem to be dark colours, but the others are bright and pale pinks.

20190720 (5)

20190710 (5)

I’ve pushed the envelope this week – not six photographs, but six subjects.  See more on The Propagator’s post – and check out the links in the comments too.