20190729 (3)

Is it me – or is honeysuckle flowering later this year? Mine is only just putting out flowers.

I finally got around to potting on these fuchsias.  They were cuttings I took at the start of the year.  Now that one of Nextdoor’s overhanging trees has gone, I should be able to plant a few of these to make a nice hedge (in a few years).

20190729 (5)

In the rest of the garden . . .

20190801 (17) 20190801 (14)

Raised beds A and B – looking full, though not much available to eat.  (Don’t mention the beetroot).

20190801 (16)  20190801 (15)

Climbing beans and Runner Beans – I’m picking and freezing runner beans as I find them.  Sometimes they escape and turn into monsters.

20190801 (25)

Sedum Autumn Joy – I never got round to taking cuttings.  Ah well, there’s always next year.

20190801 (24)

Mexican Feather Grass – this always looks pretty in the sun.

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