All these images were taken a few days ago.  Friday here in North Wales was non-stop rain.  It’s good for the veg – I keep telling myself.

This morning was brighter and we’ve been at the Community Garden filling raised beds with horrible claggy topsoil that’s had a good soaking.  Thankfully we gave up at one o’clock – just in time for the winds to pick up and more rain to arrive.

20190801 (9)

The lavender in the front sunny border has had a trim.  It was stopping me getting into my car!  I don’t want to take these flowers away as the bees still find them attractive, despite them fading.

20190801 (8)

The runner bean trellis.  The beans are in four large pots behind this trellis and I’ve had a few beans off them, but they’re not a prolific as the same beans in the raised bed, which have reached the top of the arch and are producing lots of lovely long beans.  If I use this space again, I’ll try it with the pots at the front where they will have more sun.

20190801 (31)

The alpine strawberry bed at the end of my herb bed has picked up well.  I suspect the birds have beaten me to any fruit.

20190801 (32)

The transplanted herb bed has done better than expected.  I should have chopped all this growth down before now, but the bees love the flowers and the weather has been so extreme (hot then wet) that I wasn’t sure what to do for the best.

20190805 (resized) (1)

My courgettes have no problems growing flowers, but the fruits are reluctant to put in an appearance.  Maybe they are being eaten before I even spot them forming.

20190805 (resized) (8)

Finally, the clematis Markham’s Pink is starting to put on a show.  I love these tiny four-petalled flowers.

These are my six for this week, thanks for looking.  Got to The Propagator’s page for more floral loveliness.