The Potato Diaries

While we are still working our way through the pots of Swift first early potatoes (we’ve eaten the potatoes from two pots, have one nearly empty, and one not touched), with Nicola (one pot) and Desiree (two pots) to follow, thoughts turn to planting up some bags so we have new potatoes for Christmas.

20190814 (5) 20190814 (7)              Swift                                                 Desiree

I hadn’t thought of doing this (or that it was possible) until I read a post dated 7 August by Karen at Bramble Garden.  Thanks for the tip!

Varieties available today at my local garden centre are Nicola, Pentland Javelin, Matis Peer and Charlotte.  I decided to try Charlotte.

20190814 (2)

At £2.99 for 9 tubers (around 33p each), I thought that was good value, even if the crop isn’t large. I can’t see me harvesting them in November though!!

20190814 (4) 20190814 (3)

The image on the right suggests 3 tubers per potato bag, and I still have compost in my old green compost bin, plus topsoil from my shady border; and I’ll have room in my greenhouse – though maybe I’ll use old bubble-wrap or other insulation around the outside of the pots – and I’ll stand them in cat-litter trays (unused by cats) for watering.