20190818 (2)

Because of the weather this last week (wet, mixed, mixed, showers, very wet) and working in the Community Garden on Saturday, things in the garden have been left to do their own thing.  This little fuchsia has been flowering away in a corner – and I didn’t notice.

20190818 (3)

Similarly with the runner beans.  You look away for five minutes and they all appear.  I’ve been up the step ladder this afternoon and managed to pick a large colander’s worth.  All now blanched, cooled, dried and on a tray in the freezer overnight – to be bagged up tomorrow.

As I am unable to buy the chest freezer I am desperately in need of (due to no room at present), I can only cross my fingers and hope that the climbing beans are not as prolific as the runners!

20190818 (8)

I’ve made a start on clearing the chard and radish, both of which have bolted. I’m not sure that I want to grow chard again. The few stems and leaves we had early in the season did not have much taste. Now the stems are thicker (probably due to thinning out) but the leaves have been attacked by caterpillars.  The radish were very poor. I would have thought all the rain we’ve had would have helped them grow fat, but no, so out they came.

This pot marigold is pretty, but was hidden by the chard.

20190818 (10)

Out, too, with this rocket.  Now it’s flowered, the leaves have gone bitter.

20190818 (14)

I spent a happy half-hour de-caterpillaring my brassicas.  I know, I thought, I’ll pick them off and put them in a plant-pot saucer and leave them out for the birds.  I didn’t know that they wouldn’t stay there.

If caterpillar racing ever became an olympic sport, I think mine would have won! They were up the sides of the saucer in seconds and crawling around the rim.  I filled it with water – and they started to swim.

20190818 (12)

In the end, I threw caterpillars and water over the wall into next-door’s nettle patch.  Now I have visions of thirty caterpillars climbing back up the wall and peering over the top to make sure the coast in clear.

Hopefully, The Propagator and chums have lovely flowers to show for their Six on Saturdays  . . .

But I bet none of them have swimming caterpillars!