Six on Saturday: 24 August 2019

20190821 (11)

Sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing!  I’m afraid I stopped picking my sweet peas about three weeks ago – partly because of the weather (wet).  Then the supports collapsed, which is why they now surround my water butts (one is buried beneath them).

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Yesterday, I watched a robin bobbing along the front of Raised Bed A.  She was quite happy jumping onto the wall and preening before disappearing into the foliage, but she was on the wrong bed!  All the caterpillars are on the broccoli in Raised Bed B.

Sadly, it appears that they taste pretty awful so most birds avoid eating the little blighters. Netting is the way to go, it seems.

20190821 (9)

After my appeal for old or unwanted hanging baskets, I now have a collection of twelve and, as I have emptied some areas, and am trying another crop of spinach in others, the overturned baskets have come into their own by preventing cats from using my garden as a toilet.  I still need more, though I am wary of becoming known as the basket lady!

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My tomatoes are on their way now.  I’ve given all my pots and beds a second dose of chicken poo pellets and a good watering, if the hot and dry weather we’ve been promised over the bank holiday lasts after today, I might get to eat oneefore the end of August.

20190821 (1)

Runner bean success – every flower is a potential bean, and still they keep coming.

On Wednesday, despite picking a carrier bag full to take to my Pilates class for any who wanted them, by the time I’d returned home 90 minutes later, I was able to pick these beans to give to the plumber who’s been fixing our central heating!

20190821 (17)

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  1. You have had better success with your sweet peas than I have this year! And I like the idea of using the hanging baskets. I tend to poke sticks into my bare soil to deter the neighbour’s cats.

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    1. I only had the sweet peas because a friend grew them from seed and passed some on. I’ve never had any success growing them myself. All I did was dig a hole and put them in.
      When I had an old climbing rose in the garden, I used to lay the pruned stems on the ground, that definitely deterred the cats. But the hanging baskets are working, and my plants will grow through them, so that’s a win! 🙂

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