20190824 (26)

23 August

With my freezer filling up and no likelihood of getting a chest freezer anytime soon, I turned to the internet to see how I can deal with my runner beans – other than freezing.

One method is salting.  I have no idea if this is going to work or even if the beans will taste nice at the end of the process, but while I have beans almost growing in front of my eyes, there is no harm in giving it a try.

Though it didn’t say so on the videos I watched, I began by sterilising my jar. There are various methods, but I put my one jar (minus the rubber seal) into a pan of warm water and brought it up to the boil, then turned the heat off and covered the pan, until the water had cooled enough for me to handle the jar.

While that was happening, I topped and tailed the beans then cut them into small slices, washed them and let them drain in a colander until I was ready.

The idea is to pack the beans into the jar, alternating beans and salt (ratio of 3 measures of beans to one of salt – though I probably used less salt).

I filled the jar until I couldn’t squeeze another slice inside then closed the lid.  That’s all it is – beans and salt.

By the following morning, the beans had shrunk inside the jar and a ‘brine’ had formed from the liquid produced as the salt drew moisture from the beans.

Apparently it should be OK for me to keep adding more beans and salt until no more can possibly fit.

The beans are supposed to keep for up to one year!

When you come to use the salted beans, they will need to be rinsed several times to remove the salt, and then allowed to soak in fresh cold water for about 30 minutes before cooking in the normal way – but without adding any more salt!

26 August

Time to salt some more beans.  Both contents should reduce by half overnight, meaning I can pour the contents into one jar.

This seems almost too easy!