This morning, we were promised rain clearing up this afternoon. Currently the sun is out, but waves of black and grey clouds are hanging around.

I’ve had so many runner beans that I’ve resorted to salting them,

20190826 (24)

and now the climbing beans have decided to join in the fun. The pale ones are, I think, from the first sowing of mixed beans that I thought weren’t going to grow, so I sowed climbing bean Blauhilde. Now both are growing.

20190830 (1)

My first ripe tomato – Yellow Pear which turns out to be mystery variety B. I picked it this morning while removing some of my tomato leaves (as suggested last night on Gardener’s World).

20190830 (5)

These are some of the rosemary cuttings I took a few weeks back. I want to grow these on and put them in my allotment raised bed. There’s another tray of cuttings taken yesterday.

20190830 (13)

The Charlotte potatoes I’m growing for new potatoes at Christmas have already started sprouting. I’m not sure if this is because I moved them from the shady patio to the area by the oil tank which get more sun.

20190830 (3)

This was a genuine casualty at the garden centre – I picked up a large pot of this sedum to find out the price, and this piece fell off, so I rescued it! I have no idea what it is as I forgot to photograph the label, but it was expensive!

20190830 (19)

Those are my six for this Saturday. Have a look here, on The Propagator’s blog for his, and other sixes in the comments.