Six on Saturday: 7 September 2019

After reading that tomatoes don’t ripen because of the amount of sunlight they receive but because of warmth (but not excessive) and the presence of ethylene gas. So I’ve brought inside the largest of my Super Marmande tomatoes and put them with this (over) ripe banana to see what happens.

It is quite a large banana, which gives you an idea of the size of these tomatoes.




This morning I finished cutting back the lavenders in the front garden, and gave these rooted cuttings a trim too.

.20190907 (2) 20190907 (1)


I made a start tidying the front border. As I’m thinking of removing every other peony to give some space to other plants, I thought I’d cut down the plants I want to remove to see how it would look.

I also chopped off the iris leaves and spent ages trying to dig out Aquilegia seedlings.

20190907 (3)


This may no longer be called a Sedum, but it always will be to me. Autumn Joy is coming into her own.

20190907 (8)


The sedum and sempervivum bed is beginning to fill out. Though they don’t show here, there are plenty of babies.

20190907 (7)


This plant isn’t one of mine, but I want it! Ammi majus – otherwise known as Bishop’s Weed, false Queen Anne’s Lace or bullwort.efb5ff9e-e3b2-4780-a138-83c55dc841c8-38c6731


These are my six for this Saturday. Head over to The Progagator’s blog to see more sixes – or have a go yourself.

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 7 September 2019

  1. I had a co-worker that had a real grasp on biology share the ethylene effect with me but I had forgotten about it. We have several tomatoes still on our blight ravaged stems. I may replicate your experiment the next time we get an overripe banana.

    Our Sedum is a darker color and in the In a Vase on Me bday post I crafted and scheduled this morning I wrote about how the serum found a new purpose as a filler in bouquets that feature the star of our flower garden, dahlias. I enjoyed seeing snippets of your garden. Do you participate in the End of Month View where gardener’s share the state of their garden on the last day of each month?

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    1. Hi Joe. I understand an apple or a ripe tomato will work just as well as a banana. I haven’t come across the End of the Month View site, but I do share a monthly round-up.


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