Six on Saturday: 5th October 2019

20191003 (5)

After pruning the fuchsia in the sunny side border to allow a clump of Autumn Joy to finally see daylight, I put all the cuttings into a bucket of water and placed them on the surface of Raised Bed B. They add a touch of colour, and bees and wasps don’t seem to care if they’re on the shrub or in a bucket.

20191003 (6)

I left two chard plants in Raised Bed A after most of them failed to produce more that a few leaves. This one seems re-invigourated with falling temperatures and plenty of rain, though it is about to be over-grown by the butternut squash plants sharing the space.

20191003 (18)

20191003 (19)

Both the white and ping Japanese anemones are doing well. Both have plenty of buds.

20191003 (14)

These are the left-over plants from my friend’s emergency birthday present nearly two weeks ago.  They were sheltering from the worst of the rain in my wood-store, but have since gone into pots.

20191003 (15)

There are my Six for today. There are plenty more to be seen on The Propagator’s blog. Grab a mug of coffee and a sneaky biscuit or three and have a look. If nothing else, it will give you plant envy!