20191017 (15)

This is the border at the front of the house leading up to the garage (to the right of this picture). The berberis is full of deep red berries; Autumn Joy is in full flower with the odd bee visiting while the sun is out, the lavender has been trimmed back and the fuchsia is still producing flowers.

Meanwhile, these pots of pink fuchsia stand either side of my front door, but I hardly ever get to see them as we use the back.

20191017 (17) 20191017 (18)

A couple of weeks ago, I cut off the foliage of the peonies I want to remove, but left the ones I want to keep. Now the foliage is changing and the colours are quite striking, though this photo does not do it justice.

20191017 (21)

The mexican feather grasses are coming into their own and it’s lovely to see them waving in the breeze.
20191017 (22)

And this sedum is beginning to fill out, though I’ll have to curb its enthusiasm before it spreads and covers the sempervivums.

20191017 (16)

So these are my six for this autumnal Saturday. What are you sharing with fellow gardeners for The Propagator’s challenge?