Six on a Soggy Saturday: 26 October 2019


Or should that be “A Soggy Six”?

Fortunately I took these images earlier in the week; currently Wales is under a Yellow Rain Alert, with the south on Amber. There is absolutely no chance of doing any work outside at all. And even if it stops raining, the soil will remain waterlogged for days, even with my raised beds.

It’s getting harder to find decent photographs in my own garden, so for my first, I peeked over the garden wall (well over the the top of my greenhouse/shed actually).

20191017 (13)

This tree was planted by my previous neighbours about eight or nine years ago and now towers over my shed. I don’t mind this one; it’s pretty, has small fruits which the blackbirds squabble over and – best of all – does NOT shade my garden. And, if it grows too large, a word with my neighbour will, I’m sure, get it sorted.

On the other side (the DARK side), other than rotting fruit and overgrown trees, the only thing of interest is the ivy, which has finished flowering (as far as I can tell) and will soon produce black berries.

20191017 (20)

Back in my own shady border, the white Japenese anemones are looking a bit battered, but the pink ones soldier on.

20191017 (6)

My alpine strawberries are sending out lots of suckers, adding some welcome greenery in the herb bed. The herbs, at the other end, are looking very sorry for themselves.

20191017 (19)

My only surviving Brussels Sprout plant appears to be staging a comeback now the cabbage white caterpillars have tucked themselves away for the winter. If nothing else, I can eat the tops; though there is some evidence of sprouts forming. I hope there are enough for Christmas Dinner.

20191017 (5)

I moved my winter Charlotte potatoes indoors at just the right time, though some of the foliage is damaged, I can pick that off and hope that the remainder is enough to help provide me with new potatoes for Christmas (or New Year, I’m not fussy).

It’s getting to be a struggle finding future images for The Propagator’s Challenge. Have a look at his post, and don’t forget the links in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Six on a Soggy Saturday: 26 October 2019

  1. Looking at your ivy, I never thought I would miss the smell. I had so much in my old garden, even after 20 years I was trying to keep it at bay, and always hated the smell in the winter – memories do strange things! Hope it’s a bit drier for you.

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    1. It’s next door’s ivy – so I just ‘borrow’ some when I need it. I didn’t realise it smelled of anything, We’ve had lovely dry and sunny weather since Saturday, but cold. Hope it’s OK where you are.


    2. It’s the ivy flowers that smell ‘stinky’ especially early mornings. It’s been overcast with a strong wind here for days now, not conducive to gardening so lots of knitting and sowing being done instead.

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    1. I will indeed be sneaking a few strands of my neighbours’ ivy 🙂 The Wye isn’t anywhere near us, we are North East Wales, so our big river is the Dee – from the edge of Snowdonia, through the Berwyn Mountains and Llangollen to Chester, then out into the Irish sea on the other side of the Wirral Peninsula to the River Mersey. On weather forecasts we are the place that always has a band of rain 😦


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