Six on Saturday: 2 November 2019

20191017 (11)  20191017 (12)

Back at the beginning of October, I ‘assisted’ my butternut squash plants – and these were the results at the end of October – as one plant decided to climb the arch, though I fear the rain will rot the squashes.

20191020 (10)

I also planted garlic, and the shoots are growing well

20191017 (7)

With the weather turning colder, there’s not much happening outside, apart from last-minute tidying, and the constant sweeping of leaves from my neighbour’s trees.

So we move inside for a look at this orchid which – I am proud to say – I have kept alive for just over five years. It is now producing its second stem and three new leaves. It will be a while before it flowers though.

20191017 (1)

It is perfectly happy in a cool room by a north(ish) facing window, and shares this position with, what I now call, the Undecided Cactus – which was bought as an Easter Cactus, but flowers as and when it wants. I leave them both to get on with it.

20191017 (2)

And these are some of the fruits of my attempt at pickling. Unfortunately, I cannot claim to have grown either the onions or the cauliflower (which should really be in white vinegar, but along with my FIVE kilo bag of onions, I bought a three litre container of pickling vinegar – so I’ve used it). Now what else can I pickle?

20191017 (4)

Have a look at The Propagator’s Six for today – he’s put in a lot more work than I have attempted this week.