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Good morning from a frosty North Wales. Not much happening in my garden today as we are off to the Community Garden for some communal fence building and manure shifting. No snow for us at the moment but rain and sleet is promised for later this morning, and despite the lovely sun on the horizon, the sky overhead is grey.


This was here when we moved in (1987). I’ve had times when I’ve hated it and tried to cut it down; and there are times – like now – when it provides welcome colour for passers-by (it’s at the edge of our drive) and food for the birds. The berries are such a vibrant red.

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The fuchsia by the garage is still flowering like mad. I know I’m going to have to prune it before too long, but – for now – I’ll leave it and enjoy it.

20191105 (15)

Someone did suggest a name for this plant – but I didn’t make a note of it. Whatever it is, it is spreading and still flowering.

20191105 (17)

Though a little out of focus – here are my only sprouts.

20191105 (18)

My one surviving Swiss Chard – if only I could get to any new leaves before our slimy friends.

20191105 (20)

Inside for number six – a plain old spider-plant, but it’s taken twelve months for it to grow to this size and the leaves to poke through this small birdcage (which is only 5 inches in diameter).

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These are my six for this week. How is your garden growing? I’ll be checking all the Sixes for this week later, via The Propagator’s Blog, with a mug of hot chocolate to warm up.

UPDATE: 10:15

We didn’t even get to the end of the road before the snow arrived.

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