Six on Saturday: 16 November 2019


As my gardening year usually finishes somewhere around the middle of October, if not earlier, the clearing (sort of) and mulching of the Shady Corner in the front garden gave me a push to add some autumn/winter plants – combined with a Reward Card offer at our posh garden centre.

(The first reward was two free standard hot drinks, but only until 17th November.)

20191115 (1)

The second reward was 2 x 1 litre pots of helleborus Christmas Carol. (£9.99 from the RHS) for £8.

20191115 (3) 20191115 (6)

And then I spotted these heuchera – £4.99 each or three for £12.

20191115 (2)
heuchera Marmalade
20191115 (4)
heuchera Berry Smoothie
20191115 (5)
heuchera Lime Marmalade

I’ve never been to a garden centre in November before –  BUT who knew there were so many plants available to plant now.

I could have (but didn’t) spent a fortune.

Who else has been buying new plants or splitting old ones?

Who’s given up for the duration?

Check out The Propagator’s Blog to see what’s been happening.





4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 16 November 2019

  1. I haven’t been buying plants – other than bulbs – but I did clear the leaves away from around two little heucheras I bought earlier in the year which are still looking great as are your new ones!

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