20190614 (24)

On 6th November, I wrote that I’d removed some peonies from my front garden and offered them to members of the Community Garden.

I’d dug up six plants but they were ripe for dividing so would probably have made twelve good sized plants.

One of the members – a professional gardener – said he would take all of them, so I messaged him back and asked when he’d like to collect them; then I waited . . .  and waited, until I messaged him to remind him.

“I forgot” was the response.

So I messaged him again – he still wants them, but hasn’t yet said when he will collect!

What is so annoying is that because he said he’d take them all, it stopped anyone else who might have wanted them, and all this time (almost 4 weeks now) the peony roots have been in a black bin liner outside, though undercover, and are shrivelling up.

I did think about taking them to the Community Garden and dumping them on his raised bed (next to mine) but thought that would be a bit petty-minded.

However, they are in the way and I have nowhere I can plant them, so it looks as though they will end up in the garden waste skip at our local recycling centre as there must surely come a time when these plants are no longer viable.

I’ve commented that they are still available but if no-one takes them by Sunday evening, then they will go to the Recycling Centre.

If they’d been collected when advertised, they could have been replanted immediately and would probably have flowered next year.

I could have advertised them on our local Recycle/Re-use Facebook group and they’d have gone the same day.

What a waste of viable plants!