A Bonus Six on Saturday: 30 November 2019

It’s freezing here in North Wales. We’ve had mist for most of the day, so when the sun finally shone for a few milliseconds, I nipped out with my camera (I nipped back inside pretty sharpish too).

This Japenese anemone looks beautiful as it decays.

20191130 (3)33

Clematis Montana leaves in shades of bronze and copper – not sure if this is the white or the pink one.

20191130 (2)222

Brussels Sprouts tops just thawing out – and a few tiny sprouts clinging on. Should I  cover them with fleece?

20191130 (7)77  20191130 (6)666

This pot of three cyclamen is the first thing I see when I go outside.

20191130 111

Garlic Marco is well established now – three pots with nine bulbs in each.

20191130 (10)

The largest leek – will it be ready for Christmas?

20191130 (9)

This is an unexpected six for this week as last week I thought I wouldn’t be posting again until next year – but you have to take your opportunities when you can.

Keep warm everyone and have a look at what everyone else has been up to (or not) over on The Propagator’s Blog.

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  1. Oh no, I’ve just realised I haven’t planted my garlic out! Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow. The clematis leaves are a lovely colour. I think you have similar weather to here (North Devon), I think tomorrow will be much brighter. Hope so!

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