Cheap and Cheerful for Christmas

Despite saying two weeks ago that I wouldn’t be posting many more Six on Saturday posts, I’m amazed that I’m still managing to come up with something.

Friday morning and I dropped off  my husband at the railway station to make his way to Liverpool for a ‘works’ reunion lunch. Meanwhile I had plans to go the the garden centre for some last minute shopping.

The day started off well, warm and sunny (the car recorded the temperature at 12.5ºC) and I had something specific to buy – some 10 inch half pots, which I was sure were £2 each a couple of weeks ago, but were now priced at £2.99 – still half-price – so instead of five, I bought three.

20191206 (4)

I had the bright idea that I could plant one up for my brother for Christmas. And then I went a bit mad.

A small cypress tree – currently around 10-12 inches tall – Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Wilma’

20191206 (1)

Three Iris reticulata – bought because Sunday is the 25th anniversary of our mum’s death – and her name was Joyce.

20191206 (2)

Then (from cheaper store) I picked up these two  primula on sale for 75p each. No idea what colour they will be.

20191206 (3)

So I brought them home and was just unloading the car when the heavens opened.

Undaunted (and under cover), I planted up two of the pots – one for my brother, and one for me (or possibly an emergency present).

My brother’s pot contains the cypress, two iris and one primula – only because I couldn’t squeeze anything else in the pot. Total cost £13.73. (I already had grit for the bottom, compost and decorative gravel).

20191206 (6)

And ‘my’ pot contains the other iris and primula plus a cyclamen left over from my friend’s birthday present in September, and I added in two layers of crocus/narcissus bulbs rescued from the Very Shady Border. Total cost £6.75

20191206 (8)