A Wreath for Mum

A year ago, I shared the wreath I made to take to the Crematorium Gardens of Remembrance on the anniversary of my mum’s death – 8th December 1995. She would have been 91 today (she was 21 in this photo).

Joyce Palmer - 1949 - aged 20 - Southport - Festival of Britain copy3

Last year I made the basic wreath from branches cut from my Bay Tree. With that gone, and having saved climbing bean stems, this rather unprepossessing object is what I started with.

20191207 Wreath Making for Mum (1)

I added some twigs from the last olive tree (dug up at the start of November and balanced precariously in a too-small pot).

20191207 Wreath Making for Mum (2)

There aren’t many flowers in my garden, but I pruned some fuchsia cuttings and raided my rosemary bush . . .

20191207 Wreath Making for Mum (3)

before cutting some Autumn Joy, lavender and next door’s ivy flowers.

20191207 Wreath Making for Mum (5)

The only ‘unnatural’ item in the wreath is once piece of garden twine that held the original bean stem wreath together.

It may not be quite as round as I’d want, but it’s 100% natural (and biodegradable), looks quite pretty, and contains two of Mum’s favourite flowers – lavender and fuchsia.

20191207 Wreath Making for Mum (7)