20191228 (711)

Living in a hilly rural area as we do, we are lucky that we have a lot of ancient hedges separating the fields. In the last couple of week, they have had their winter haircut, which means our view has been extended somewhat.

The only downside is the spikes of cut wood that litter the roads and threaten to puncture our car tyres. But we know that, come Spring, nesting birds will not be disturbed.

There’s no netting going on around here!


20191228 (8)

These pots are full of colour, but I haven’t been able to appreciate them due to the almost constant rain and mist in my corner of North East Wales, along with short days. Today, though, the mist has cleared and the day is bright, though not sunny as such.

20191228 (21)

Well, I may have had home-grown new potatoes for Christmas lunch, but I didn’t get any home-grown sprouts. It will be a few weeks more, I think, before these little ones are large enough to harvest; and how I regret now pulling up the other three plants after they were decimated by the Cabbage White caterpillars. Lesson learned for next year.

20191228 (22)

I eventually planted up five pots of Marco garlic in September. They are coming along very well, and the overturned hanging basket seems to have deterred the pigeons from yanking them out of the pots.

20191228 (2)

At last, I have flowers on my hellebores – Christmas Carol. There seem to be plenty of buds yet to open.

20191228 (12)

These are my final Six of 2019. There is plenty going on in the garden, if only we have the time (and weather) to go and take a look. Check out The Propagator’s post to see what’s happening elsewhere – and to give you some ideas of what to plant in 2020.

Don’t forget to take a notebook and pen with you.