Six on Saturday: 4 January 2020

Happy New Gardening Year

20191228 (6)

Already, things in the garden are showing a promise of things to come. The first bud on one of my clematis montana appeared before the end of the old year.

20191228 (9)

The crocus bulbs I planted a few years ago are clumping up nicely, while this astilbe may have peaked too soon and will probably be decimated by frost and snow in a few weeks.

20191228 (10)

Even this iris has a head start on its companions, which have sensibly decided to remain dormant for a little longer.

20191228 (11)

And no matter how often I try to remove it (it even survived the weed burner), this creeping campanula refuses to give up its claim to this sheltered spot.

20191228 (20)

While in my very cool conservatory, these pelargoniums are showing more growth and flower than they did all summer.

20191228 (24)

So there are my first Six on Saturday of 2020 – there is plenty more to see over on The Propagator’s blog, make sure you check out all the comments and links too.

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