Six on Saturday: 18 January 2020

20191229 (92)

A Sunday walk had me peering into neighbours’ gardens to see what, if anything, was growing. I believe the above may be a variegated euonymus, though I don’t know if the pink tinge is its autumn coat or permanent.

This vibernum looked good with plenty of flower heads, though seemingly no perfume.

20191229 (93)

My sedum and sempervivum border looks rather boring and dull, but I’ve ‘rescued’ a tray of mixed sedums from the shelf at the garden centre, so should have more to show as the weather warms up.

20191229 (94)

Even in winter, my thyme looks pretty, though the leaves are less scented than usual.

20191229 (97)

I’ve been trying to capture these Autumn Joy heads in frost for years. Seems I just missed it – again – if these soggy-looking specimens are anything to go by.

20191228 (17)

One of my neighbour’s trees, looking very dark and brooding against a pale and wintry sky.

20191229 (96)

How is your garden growing at the moment? I’ll check it out on The Propagator’s blog if you’ve shared it.

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